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SOS (Society of Sound) Music Media was established to showcase music that matters. Founded on the principle that music is an art form that is a commentary on current issues of the day; a memento that captures, in music form, the happenings of our time. The founding belief behind SOS is simple - that engagement with substantive issues is made more diverse, depoliticized, and thorough if the issues are presented through a medium that is entertaining and thought provoking i.e. music. We believe that connectivity and engagement between people on a platform of mutual respect is a positive thing for social outcomes and organization.

We are dedicated to using music [videos], podcasts, and live events as vehicles to highlight issues that traditionally go unnoticed by conventional media outlets and allow us to understand issues through an emotional lens, not simply a theoretical, academic, or political lens. So, we showcase artists large and small who create lyrics, music, and music videos that capture the inner-workings of our society.

We hope you enjoy, groove, and learn on our platform, because whether we like it or not, we are, and always have been, a Society of Sound.

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